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Short Tapered Hair Bangs


Short tapered bangs can give a great look if you want to maintain the hairstyle simple. You can easily achieve this look by cutting the bangs at home. It is also a very unique way of styling the hair and can be suitable for any type of hair. You can easily get more attention to your eyes after getting this haircut.

This haircut can be done in various styling methods after creating side part and middle part. First comb your hair after washing the hair in a vertical way near the crown of over your head which must be about off center over the head. Try to create a simple line that must reach all the way from behind your crown and move towards the middle over the brow bone. Next brush the hair towards the side part and comb your bangs in front of the head for styling it normally. Now comb the damp hair forward over your forehead and try to slice the brush in a vertical way over center over the head near center of your crown. Comb the hair towards the side part of your head and take your bangs forward. Now you can create the hairstyle without the partings by combing your hair after it gets dampened and back comb your entire hair from crown of your head. Then comb the hair to the side of your head out of the face and separate it from short to long.

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