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Chrissy Teigen With Beach Braid


Chrissy Teigen is wearing a perfect hairstyle that is suitable for a summer season and you can create the same hairstyle by sitting at home. The beach braid is a simple hairstyle that is worn by many people and with some additional techniques it can also be made unique. You must also use only small amount of hairstyling product to maintain this hairstyle in the right way. The hairstyle is really unique that can be created without getting help from anyone and handle your hair gently during this process.

To get Chrissy Teigen look, try to apply a small amount of hair conditioner on your hair strands and try to massage with your fingers. Then make a section in the middle over your head and start making the braid with one section of your head. Try to braid your other hair section in the same way and keep them secured with a normal hair band. Leave the braids secured with the hair band for few minutes and then try to free them with your fingers. Hold the hair ends with your hand and twist them around as usual and once you get to the hair ends make three different sections. Start creating a standard braid with these three sections and keep them secured with another band. Try to get some practice to get this hairstyle within few minutes at home and avoid using heavy styling products even after achieving this braided hairstyle.

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