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Hairstyle With Rhinestone Comb


Rhinestone comb can be easily created at home with the help of few simple techniques and then use it for achieving a beautiful twisted style at home. To get this hairstyle done, first you must purchase few simple styling tools such as rhinestones, comb and glue. You can purchase all these styling items from a store near you and make sure all of them attractive. Don’t use other hair accessories as it can make the hair weigh down spoiling your look.

Start your styling by taking the rhinestones and applying a small amount blue behind it. Then attach the rhinestones over the side of your hair comb. Continue this process of sticking the rhinestones over the comb till it gets covered completely. Leave the comb to dry on its own and brush the hair which must be about half up as well as half down. Divide the hair into 2 parts for twisting it like a ponytail over the head. Now take the ponytail just over your head and pull it through your twisted hair section which will give you the twisted look. Take the rhinestones glued comb and insert it with hair tie. Make sure it gets secured properly over your head and take your hair tie out. Now you can look at your head which will have a beautiful looking hairstyle. Anyone with long hair can get this hairstyle and try to avoid using hairstyling product after achieving this look.

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