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Steps To Remove Calcium Buildup From Hair


The calcium buildup on hair will make it look dull and this mainly occurs while using the chemical relaxers on hair for making it straight. The chemical buildup can also cause irritation to your skin along with additional side effects. There are ways to treat the calcium buildup on your hair with the help of a clarifying available in a salon. You must also have different styling items to start your process such as apple cider vinegar, olive oil, water and more.

First you must take apple cider vinegar about one part in a bowl and add four parts of water. Try to mix it properly using a spoon before adding one tbsp of olive oil. You must again mix the items in the bowl completely and wear gloves in your hand. Now take the solution in the bowl for gently spreading it over your hair strands. Make sure that the mixture is applied only over your hair and avoid it from entering into your eyes. Now you can rinse the hair as usual, but make sure that the mixture of all the products applied on your hair gets removed fully. At last apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner all over your hair strands which will help to prevent the hair from getting the dry look. The process is really simple, but you must make sure to follow all these steps properly as well as slowly to get the desired effect.

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