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Using Blow Dryer To Make Nappy Roots Straight


Having nappy hair roots can make it look kinky, so you can just make it straight to solve this problem. You can also make the hair easily manageable by straightening with the help of a blow dryer. There is no need to use other hair straightening tool for making the nappy roots straight as it can be done with the dryer. The blow dryer must be used on hair in parts and make sure not to leave it on for more than ten seconds on each of them.

First brush your hair using a normal comb and wash it with a shampoo before applying a hair conditioner. Then rinse the hair again to remove the conditioner and maintain it slightly wet. Now create different parts in your hair and keep each of them separated with clips. You can create at least 6-8 parts in your hair and apply straightening gel on each of the parts. Apply gel on the hair roots additionally and take the blow dryer along with comb attachment. Start blow drying your hair from the roots and gently move to the end of your hair. You must use the blow dryer along with the comb attachment at least 3-4 times over your hair from root to end. Use the same method on all the hair parts that has been secured with the clips. Now you can comb the hair with wide-tooth brush and also check the roots are straight.

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