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Prevent Greasy Look On Hair While Applying Oil


Oiling your scalp can help to maintain it moisturized and it is a process that followed by most of the women. But applying the oil over your scalp and hair it is important to make sure it doesn’t become over greasy. There are oils that are made specially for styling your hair, but some of them can cause oily scalp such as a mineral oil. There are ways to oil your scalp without making it look greasy. You will need coconut oil and lavender oil to use the following method. Make sure to test the mixture of this oil by applying it over your skin to look for any allergies.

First take one tbsp coconut oil and mix it with half tbsp lavender oil in a bowl. Then mix it with your fingers and start applying it over the scalp. Gently spread the oil mixture over your scalp and hair using your fingers in circular motion. Continue to apply the oil mixture over the head with your fingers repeatedly. You can massage the head for 3-4 minutes with the oil mixture and leave it on for about 5 minutes which will add the moisture in your scalp. Then you can wash the head with moisturizing shampoo as it will help to remove oil out of your head without causing any dryness. Next you must apply a moisturizing conditioner all over and leave it on for just 2 minutes before using warm water for rinsing the hair.

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