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Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Hair Treatment


Formaldehyde-free keratin is a perfect option for making your hair straight on temporary basis. It is a treatment that is considered to be less risky and healthier among all the hair straightening process. This is a thermal-activated conditioning process that is done with the help of blow dryer as well as flat iron which will change the look of your hair. The treatment will not affect the chemical bonds of your hair from within as it will just be applied on the outer shaft of your hair in liquid form of keratin.

This treatment is known to infuse keratin into your hair cuticle and removing the frizz out of your hair as well. Most of the hairstylists perform this treatment and you can also retain your hair moisture as well as its shine. Once you have undergone this treatment your hair will remain straight for months depending upon the natural texture of your hair. You must also maintain your hair in the right way to keep it straight for more number of days. Try to wash your hair only with sodium chloride-free shampoo which will maintain the keratin effects in its original way. Most of the people like to straighten their hair in this way as it is known to be safer as well as less time consuming. Consult a hair specialist before getting this treatment done on your hair and make sure you want to keep your straight for few days.

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