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Styling Your New Dreads At Home


New dreads can be achieved with different methods and one of the methods is backcombing your hair. You have to visit hair specialist to style your new dreads, but the same method can be used at home to achieve it. Most of the people use hairstyling products such as fine-toothed comb, hair wax, aloe-vera gel, etc for styling the new dreads.

To create your new dreads, first wash the locks using a dreadlock shampoo to prevent the build-up of oil on your hair. Then mist a small amount of salt-water hairspray over your dreads from middle to end. Next wrap the dreads with microfiber towel which will get the water out of your hair and use hood dryer to make it dry completely. Make sure that your entire hair is damp free before backcombing it. You must try to backcomb your dread using fine-toothed comb and keep its ends in your hand. Brush the ends of your hair and move towards the scalp with short strokes for pushing your hair up. Each of your dreads must look like puffy ball after it has been teased hair mainly at its end. Spread a little amount of wax in your palms and spread it over one of the dreads. Now you must roll the dreads with your palms and move from hair roots to its ends. You can maintain the new dreads by covering it a scarf and keep it away from your face.

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