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Steps To Get Tulsi Powder Hair Rinse


Tulsi powder rinse can be the right choice for those who have itchy scalp. You can just take holy basil leaves and make it dry on its own. Then try to crush it to get the tulsi powder and mix it in amla powder for using it over your scalp to treat the itching. It can also be the right choice to make your hair strong and shiny. Those who are facing problems like eczema must visit a doctor immediately for treating it properly.

To start first take 2 tbsp tulsi powder along with 2 tbsp amla powder in a bowl. Then try to grind both of these powders from the bowl for about 2 minutes and keep it separately in another bowl. Now mix 1/4 cup of cold water into the bowl and try to stir till it becomes paste like substance. You can also add more water into the mixture if required until it becomes thick paste. Make sure it is only thick enough for using it over the scalp and it must stay on for few minutes without dipping down from your head. Use your fingers to apply this paste over the scalp and let it stay for about half an hour over your head which will make it dry. Now you can rinse the head as usual and let the paste run through your hair during the rinsing process. After the rinse you can style the hair as you wish.

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