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Dangers Of Brazilian Straightening


The Brazilian straightening technique is done to make your hair straight and shiny. Once you undergo this method of straightening your hair will need less maintenance. But there are few risks you have to face while using Brazilian straightening technique on your hair. This treatment features formaldehyde which is a chemical that is harmful for hair.

The formaldehyde available in this treatment has been a great concern for some of the people who want to make their hair straight with this method. Even though the formaldehyde content in this straightening method is very small, it is known to cause problems to your hair. Once you use the flat iron over your hair, this formaldehyde is known to get vaporized which will get inhaled by the people around it which is expected to cause burning in your eyes and nose along with other problems such asĀ  nausea, irritation to skin, etc. All these dangers caused by the Brazilian straightening process are considered to be harmful for the people who undergo this treatment as well as the hairstylist who does it. Make sure to consult a hair specialist before getting your hair straightened with this technique and follow the procedure of treating your hair after the treatment. Leave at least a gap of 2 months before getting the same Brazilian straightening treatment on your hair for the second time. Never try this technique at home as you can cause serious damage to your hair that cannot be treated.

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