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Steps To Apply Hair Stripper


Hair strippers are used to remove the unwanted color out of your hair and even correct the hair color. You can easily get the original color of your hair after using the hair stripper. But you have to extra careful while using this on your hair as it contains more bleach that can damage your hair. You have to purchase few items for preparing the stripper at home for using it over your hair which includes bleach stripper, 20-volume developer and more.

First wear a bandana to cover your face which is very important as you will be using the bleach that can make your nose to burn. Then take 1/8 cup bleach in a bowl and mix and 1/8 cup 20-volume developer. Try to mix both these items together using a coloring brush and add a 1/4 cup clarifying shampoo into the mixture. Now wear hand gloves for applying the mixture over your colored hair from top to end using the color brush. Make sure not to touch the scalp while applying the mixture over your hair as it can damage the scalp. Then secure the hair in place by twisting it and wear a plastic shower cap to cover it. The color will be removed out of your hair starting from 2 minutes after covering it with the stripper. Rinse the hair as usual and wash it with normal shampoo. At last apply a moisturizing hair conditioner over your hair.

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