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Sienna Miller With Twisted Hair Bangs


Sienna Miller is wearing bangs that have been twisted which give her a unique look. It is one of such hairstyles that can be worn for a special occasion such as a wedding. This hairstyle can look on any type of face shape and you can achieve this look with medium hair size. There are also other celebrities who have worn this type of hairstyle on various occasions. You can follow this method to get the twisted bangs like Sienna Miller without visiting a hairstylist.

To start try to comb the hair completely and mainly brush your bangs in front of the head. Make sure that your entire hair is free from knots before proceeding with the styling and it must also look smooth. Pull out the front part of your hair near the bangs and try to twist it with your fingers moving away from your head. Next pull out another hair section next to your first bangs and try to twist it gently just like the previous one. Just follow this method on twisting your hair next to each section and secure them in place with bobby pins. You can also use a normal elastic band to keep the bangs secured in its place over your head. Once the hair gets twisted in this way try to use your own technique to style it as per your desire. Also use hair accessories that can make your twisted bangs look good.

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