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Mix Honey With Garlic For Hair Treatment


Honey along with garlic can be the perfect combination for treating your hair in a healthy way. But there will be strong odor of garlic after getting this treatment on your hair which must be washed using a normal shampoo to get rid of it. Honey can help you to achieve smooth looking hair and garlic is supposed to increase your blood circulation over the scalp reducing the loss of hair. To start your process try to purchase few items like garlic, press, garlic, honey, shampoo and hair conditioner.

First take the garlic and try to mash it up using the garlic press. Then take half cup of honey in a small bowl and add the mashed up garlic in it. Now you can apply the mixture of honey as well as garlic over your hair from top to end including the scalp on top of the head. Just use your fingers to spread the mixture over your head and leave it for just 5 minutes. Don’t put too much of pressure over your scalp while applying the mixture as it can cause damage to the scalp. Then you can use warm water to rinse your entire hair and use the shampoo for washing it as usual. Next you can spread the hair conditioner and leave it on for few minutes before rinsing your hair for the final time with cold water. This is one of the best home treatment for treating your hair and scalp.

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