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Steps To Use Natural Color Remover


Hair color remover is used to get rid of the color of your hair fully or even to correct them. There are different types of hair color remover available in the market, but you must know which one can be the right choice for your hair to prevent any damages. Instead of using any chemical hair color removers, you can just try few natural ways. There are three natural ways that can help to take color out of your hair

To create natural hair color removers, the first way if to take lemon juice and mix it with tartar cream. Make sure it looks like paste and start spreading it over the hair starting from scalp to the end of your hair. Let it stay for about fifteen minutes before washing the hair as usual. The second way is to take 1/4 cup baking soda and mix it with 1/4 cup shampoo. Mix both of these items together and leave it for about ten minutes. Then apply it over the hair and leave it on for fifteen minutes before rinsing it as usual. Finally you have to spread a little amount of leave-in conditioner all over the hair to prevent damage. Another way is taking water in a cup and mix a chamomile tea bag in it. Then leave it for ten minutes and once it becomes cool try to pour it over hair after washing process. Now your hair will become light overtime and avoid rinsing it.

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