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Using Boiling Water To Curl Synthetic Wig


Synthetic wig can be the best choice for those who want to create a unique looking hairstyle without touching their natural hair. It is also considered to be low-maintenance wig that is also very cheap when compared to other wigs. You can also style these type of wigs as per your wish and even cut it. Those who want to create curls in your synthetic, it is important to follow a proper method which can be done with the help of boiling water.

First you have to take a bowl of cold water and rinse the synthetic wig in it. Then try to roll the wig with plastic rollers when it is still wet and select the rollers depending upon the size of the curls that you want to achieve. Next take a bowl of boiling water and place the rolled synthetic wig into the strainer. Now pour the boiling water on your synthetic wig and make sure to cover the entire strands with the water. Once the water comes out of your synthetic wig, gently take it out of the strainer. Keep the synthetic wig over the wig stand and leave it to dry as long as possible or overnight. Now your synthetic wig is ready to style with a curly look. This is the best way to curl the synthetic wig without getting it damaged during any process of the curling. But you must reduce using boiling water to curl the wig very often.

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