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Hairstyle With Puff Side Bangs


Puff side bangs can give an interesting look but it will be difficult to achieve it. This is the perfect hairstyle that can look good on any type of face shapes. There are different options you can follow to get this look, but to make your styling option simple just follow this simple method. Try to create the puff side bangs on any side of your head as per your wish and avoid any hairstyling product during this process.

First brush your bangs and hold it in your one hand. Then pull the bangs up which must be parted at side of your head. Try to include full-length of hair behind the bangs that is kept in the hand and this is a very important step as it will decide the size of your bangs. Now take the hands in your hand away from the head on which side you want the bangs to look puffy. Try to twist the hair of your bangs once to make it look subtle and 2-3 times to make the bangs look unique. Then take the twisted hair section over the scalp and gently push it over the hairline which will add the puffy look also creating a volume in your hair. Take bobby pins for securing the twisted bangs in place and use the bobby pins in X-pattern. Try to spritz your bangs and the entire hairstyle with little amount of hairspray to keep them smooth without any flyaways.

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