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Steps To Remove Bad Hair Knots


Bad hair knots can give a hard time for most of the women and they can occur naturally in your hair. Removing the knots from your hair can be a difficult process as it can also damage your hair. The following are few ways to remove the band hair knots without any pain and damage to the hair. In case severe hair knots, try to visit a hair specialist or cut the hair section that has knots.

First spread a little amount of leave-in hair conditioner over the strands of your hair and try to gently comb it with wide-tooth brush. You will see the hair knots while combing your hair, so try to secure it with a clip. Continue the brushing process all over the head and when you find the knots try to secure it with the clip. Now you can take the clip from the knot section and gently brush it using your fingers without affecting the hair. You can also apply more leave-in conditioner before finger combing your hair strands. The knots found near your scalp must be brushed in the same way with the wide-tooth brush and you can apply olive oil if required than using the leave-in hair conditioner. Once your entire hair becomes free from the band knots, you must rinse the hair as usual with normal water. You can wash your hair with a shampoo after the rinsing process and comb it again with wide-tooth brush.

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