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Karlie Kloss With Choppy Straight Ends


Karlie Kloss has got a choppy straight ends in her hair which is a beautiful and simple way of styling your hair. You can easily get this look without getting any help from hairstylist, but you must know who cut the hair ends in an angle. The hairstyle will also give you a very natural look once you cut the hair in this way. Anyone with straight hair can cut their hair in this way and or make your hair straight if it not.

Begin the styling with a cleanly washed hair and try to make it dry by wiping it with a normal towel. Then rinse your hair and maintain the slightly dampness during the styling process. Then pull out half inch thick hair and keep it in the middle of your forefinger and middle finger. Try to pull the hair in your fingers straight up and take the scissors for keeping it vertically down to make a simple V-shaped cut. Continue this process of cutting your hair all over your head at the ends and make sure to pull only half inch hair for cutting it in this way. There will be different lengths of hair all around the head, so try to apply a little amount of texturizing cream all over your hair. Then twist it towards the end of your hair and this will give you the choppy look. Make sure to twist your hair only till it gets the choppy look.

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