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Flowbee Haircutting Method


Flowbee haircutting is a method of cutting your hair at home and it has been popular from the 1980s. This tool features hose along with clipper attachment and a vacuum nozzle will be attached to hose. You can also adjust length of your haircut and it is also the easiest tool for cutting your hair. Try to follow the instructions from the manufacturer to cut the hair in the right way without any hair damage.

First take a Flowbee along with vacuum nozzle which can be done by following the instructions of the manufacturer. Then plug in your Flowbee with vacuum cleaner and attach spacers as per the instructions. You must create a tube which will give the length of the hair once it is cut. Switch on your tool and keep Flowbee end over the head to make your last spacer rests to over your scalp in front of the head. Try to suck a hair section in the tube before keeping it clipped in place. Try to twist your Flowbee from one side to the other gently and make sure that your hair gets evenly sucked in the clippers. Move your Flowbee in front of the head to clip it evenly and move behind your head till the hair gets clipped. Use your fingers to brush through the hair to see it looks even and if you find any uneven hair try to cut it again with the same tool.

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