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Hairstyle With Backwards Braid


Backwards braid is a beautiful way of styling your hair which is medium to long. This hairstyle is almost similar to French braid, but you must follow a proper method to achieve it. You must know how to section your hair in rectangle shape over the top of your head to achieve this hairstyle in the right way.

The backwards braid can be placed at any point over your head and mostly at the back. This braid is very much similar to the French braid, but here you will be braiding it inside-out. Once you have sectioned the hair to create a ponytail featuring three sections. Start the braiding process by placing your outside section over middle part by pulling it from bottom and pull it under your center part before moving over other side. Then take it again from underneath before moving over center part. Similar to French braid while moving towards the left side pull out a small part of hair for including into the section and take it from under the center part. You must also do this over other side and include the hair in other section which is in place already. Continue this process from one side to another and make sure to feed the hair underneath your middle part than taking it over top of your middle section to make it different from the French Braid. At last mist the braided hairstyle with a hairspray to make it look outstanding.

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