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Styling Ponytail With Scarf


Styling a ponytail using a scarf can give a simple look that has been a popular of styling your hair from a long time. To achieve this style you need to create a section in your hair and secure it using a scarf. You can easily achieve this hairstyle like a professional stylist by following these simple steps. Try to style yourself with a proper dress matching your hairstyle to make it really good.

First you must clean your hair and make sure to apply a hair conditioner to make the entire hair smooth. Then brush your hair to make it smooth as possible and your hair will also start to look flat. The boar bristle hair brush can be the best choice for combing your hair to make it smooth and the hair must be smoothened in order to create the ponytail. Then pull your entire hair at the back of your head to create a simple looking ponytail and secure it using a normal rubber band. Now take a scarf and fold it as per your wish which must be used over the ponytail. Just pull the scarf from below your ponytail and take it around to create a knot as you wish. At last wear a perfect dress that must match your ponytail with scarf to make it look good. You can also follow your own way of wearing the scarf with your ponytail to make it look unique.

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