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Applying Mizani ThermaSmooth On Hair


The mizani thermasmooth can be used on your hair to prevent the frizzy look and make your hair fully straight. It is a system that is a perfect option for natural hair and colored hair. You can also use it on the hair that has been relaxed and touch-up their hair on regular basis. The following are few steps that can be followed while using the mizani thermasmooth. You can use it at home than visiting a hairstylist for styling your hair with the mizani thermasmooth system.

First you must use the mizani thermasmooth hair shampoo for washing your hair and do the cleaning process with the shampoo at least twice. Then apply a small amount of mizani thermasmooth hair conditioner and gently massage it over the scalp as well. Next you can use mizani thermasmooth smoothing serum and make sure to dry your hair with a normal towel. If you are using the serum over damp hair try to do it in sections of your hair. While doing this with the curly hair, take 2 tbsp serum and apply it over four hair sections. In case you want to blow dry your hair, try to use 4 tbsp of serum. Now you can use mizani thermasmooth anti-humidity spritz all over your hair strands and keep it on till the hair becomes fully straight. Pull out 1/4 inch hair sections for making it straight and do the same all over your head.

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