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Steps To Create Body Wave


The body wave is a process where large rods will be wrapped into your hair and give it a more voluminous look. This hairstyling method can create thick waves in your hair that can stay in the original shape for a long time. You can create the waves in your hair without making it look curly with this styling method.

First wash the hair with clarifying shampoo at least two times and avoid the conditioning process. Then make sections in your hair and keep it separated with eight sections with clips. Next pull out the top hair section and brush it gently with a normal comb to remove the tangles. Now take a paper and fold it over middle hair section before misting it with a hairspray. Try to mist the hair with water which will keep it secured with the paper. Pull your paper end towards the bottom of your hair till it reaches the hair end and wrap it around a perm rod. Now take perm rod from below the end of your paper and make sure to keep the paper end over your perm rod. Gently wrap your paper end with the hair around perm rod and in the same way wrap remaining hair section around perm rod. Secure the perm rod using the rod pin and do the same with the other hair sections as well. Now your hair will be properly sectioned that can be styled with perm solutions.

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