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Using Banana Oil On Your Hair


Hair growth gives more concern to people all over the world and many try various products for treating their hair in the right way. Even though there are different types of chemical products available for treating your, the best option would be using a right product. Banana oil is one of the hair products that are considered to help in the hair growth. But you have to consult a hairstylist before using any of these products for styling your hair or supporting hair growth.

The banana oil is not originated from banana, instead it is also a chemical product. This oil is not considered to have any kind of effect on your hair as it can only add perfume smell on your hair. You can just massage the banana oil over your hair to add fragrance to it and scalp can be treated with this oil as well. Try to massage the banana oil over your scalp gently as it will help to stimulate the blood flow into your hair follicle. It will also help to prevent dead skin cell on your scalp which is main cause of blocking hair follicle stopping the hair growth. There are also chances of any allergic reactions while using the banana oil on your hair, so try to test it before using or consult a hair specialist. The banana oil is also used on various types of hairstyling products and it can be seen on the ingredients list.

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