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Steps To Prevent Spots On Highlighted Hair


Most of the time while highlighting your hair, there will be spots on some part of your hair. It is due to the highlights entering into the highlighting cap staying over your scalp. The highlighting color will then expand and maintain a light color during the drying process. The spots will be visible after washing your hair with a shampoo. Leaving the spots visible on your highlighted hair can give a bad look to your entire hairstyle. Try to follow these steps to prevent the spots over your hair.

First you must select deposit-only hair color and make sure it is similar to your natural hair color. Then wear hand gloves and mix hair coloring product along with the developer by following the direction of the manufacturer. Try to use tint brush end to find out the spots on your hair. Next you can apply the mixture over your hair over the spots using the coloring brush. You can just cover them as usual with the brush and once you have covered the entire spots over your hair try to assess it. You must also apply a little amount of color over the midshaft of your hair and its ends to make it blend perfectly with the remaining hair color. During the coloring process avoid touching the highlighted layers of your hair. Also leave the color to process on its own over your hair and don’t do additional touchups during this time.

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