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Steps To Prevent Itching After Hair Weave


Most of the time when you are wearing a weave on the scalp, there are chances of itching. There will be no proper air circulation while wearing a weave which is one of the main reasons for the itching sensation. To avoid itching over your head, there are few simple things that can be done at home. Avoid scratching your head or brushing your hair with a comb during this time as it will affect the scalp and make itching worse.

The first option is cleaning your hair regularly and maintain the moisture over your scalp. There are a number of products that can be used on your hair for washing it and select the best one suitable for your hair. You must use a detangling shampoo, hair conditioner and moisturizing product to maintain your hair as well as scalp in a perfect condition to avoid itching. Another option is using antiseptic product before washing your hair which will remove the bacteria that causes itching and make sure to rinse it properly out of your hair. There are also few anti-itch spray available in the store that can be used to prevent the itch on your scalp. You must also avoid using oil products over the scalp when you feel the itch as it can increase the problem. When you are weaving the hair again avoid using a bonnet over your head as it will stop the air entering into the scalp.

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