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Fishtail Pigtail Hairstyle


Fishtail pigtail is a hairstyle that can be worn by anyone from young to old. In the normal fishtail braid, there will be braid created using two hair strands and the fishtail braid will be divided into two to make the pigtails. You can achieve this look at home with the help of a friend than visiting a hairstylist. Try to use the hairstyling tools that are normally used for styling the hair in your home.

First you have to make your hair tangle free by combing it normally and make two parts in your hair. Then take one of the parts of your hair and divide it again with two parts. Take the small part of hair on the side of your front section and cross small part of hair over front section. Try to add the small section into your larger part of the back section of your hair. Divide small hair section from side of your back section for crossing it over back section. Then add this hair section over larger section in front and continue this process till the end of your hair before securing it with elastic band. Now your pigtail will be ready in the first hair section. Now pull the other hair section and use the same method of braiding to create the other pigtail. Try to wear hair accessories that look good with your fishtail pigtail hairstyle and match it with a perfect dress.

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