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Ways To Remove Hair Weave Smell


Wearing hair weaves can give a unique look as it is considered to be a versatile way of styling your hair. You must give care for your hair weaves to maintain it in a proper condition. If you fail to maintain the weaves properly, there will be a mildew smell that occurs due to weave tufts and product build-up. The following are few things that can be done to prevent the smell out of your hair weave. Once you follow this simple method, your hair will smell pleasant.

First you must wash the hair and the scalp using clarifying shampoo. This shampoo will help to remove the product build-up out of your hair and even condition it. The clarifying shampoo must be used on your hair for washing purpose only when you want to take the smell out of it and avoid using it for normal hair wash. Then rinse the hair properly until the shampoo comes out of your hair completely. Make the hair dry with blow dryer and make sure that your hair as well as scalp becomes fully dry. In case you still feel the smell in your hair weave, try to remove it which can be the best option. Then you can wash the hair as usual with a normal shampoo. You can consult a hair specialist if you find the smell is still in your hair after the washing process and don’t want to remove the weave.

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