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Applying Flash Lightning Hair Bleach


Flash lightning hair bleach is normally used to lift the natural color of your hair many shades lighter. There are different types of hair coloring products that feature 20 volume peroxide which will be able to lift 1-2 levels of hair color lightness. But the flash lightning hair product features 40 volume peroxide that can lift 2-4 levels of hair color lightness. Make sure to wear hand gloves before taking the product out of the kit and try to apply the lightener over a dry hair.

First take the flash lightning hair bleach powder about half tbsp and mix it with liquid developer to create a thick paste. Make sure to mix the product perfectly using a brush. Then comb the hair to make it free from frizz and do a strand test by applying the mixture over a small part of hair. If you have not found any allergies after applying the mixture over your hair, try to wipe it using a wet cloth. Now cover the entire shoulder with a cloth to prevent the mixed product from falling over your cloth. Then wear hand gloves and divide the hair into different sections. Now you can apply the mixed product over the hair parts gently using the brush. Once you have covered the entire head with the product, leave it as per the time mentioned on the kit. Next rinse your hair as usual and dry it gently with a towel.

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