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Short Texturized Crop Haircut


Short texturized crop haircut is a beautiful way of styling your hair that can be perfect for both men as well as women. There is no need to follow any special hairstyling technique once you have got this haircut as you can wash it and style it with your hand. If required you can also blow dry the hair and apply a small amount of wax. Try to use the hair clippers that work smooth over your hair and also make sure it is oiled regularly.

First you have to take the clippers with eight clipper guard and use it over the hair all around your head. You can try to run the clipper in all the direction. Then brush the hair and use your clippers on the long spots over your head. Take thinning shears for texturizing your hair ends and brush the hair straight away from the head. Try to close your thinning shears at the hair ends as close as possible. Next gently move towards your hair shaft just half inch and close your thinning shears to texturize only the ends. Avoid maintaining the ends of your hair even as it can spoil your look. Make sure that the hair ends look uneven and maintain them in the same way during the styling process. Then brush the hair once again and avoid touching the hairline. Just use the clippers bare blade to edge out your hairline which is mainly done on men’s hair.

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