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Hairstyle With Gymnastics Bun


Gymnastics bun can be a perfect hairstyle for those who like to maintain their hair free from flyaways. It is not only suitable for the gymnastics, but the normal people can also wear it. You have to follow a proper method to achieve the gymnastics bun to make it look amazing by just using few simple styling tools.

The first thing that must be done before creating the bun is to learn the ways to create a perfect ponytail with your hair. You must mist the hair with a spray to keep the ponytail tight in your hair. Try to brush the hair using a comb and mist the entire hair with a generous amount of spray. Then smooth your hair on top of the head and try to create a simple looking ponytail at the back of your head. Then twist the ponytail tightly using your hands till you reach the end of your hair to create a bun. Just wrap the hair around itself before tucking its loose end at the bottom of your bun. Use a normal pin to secure the bun over your head. Try to use more pins, so the bun gets secured perfectly on top of the head to prevent the hair from falling apart. Most of the gymnastics like to keep their bun intact over the head, so you must also make sure it is perfectly placed on top of the head using hair pins.

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