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Cara Delevigne With Strand Threads


Cara Delevigne is wearing strand threads that are a perfect option for those who want to different types of hairstyles with their hair. You can add the strand threads on your hair without getting help from a hairstylist. But make sure to follow a proper method while adding the strand threads along with your hair to prevent damage to your natural hair. You must select the best strand threads for using it over your hair and it is also available in different coloring options. Most of the celebrities like to wear the strand threads along with their natural hair to look unique.

To apply strand threads on your hair first buy it from a saloon or consult a hairstylist to know the best thread suitable for your hair type. Now you have to take the strand thread that must be double the length of your natural hair. Then make it into half by bending it in the middle and take out little hair that will be used for securing it. Try to take out another part of hair on top of the head to wrap it and keeping it secured tightly. Next pull the wrapped hair at the hair ends to secure your strand thread with this. Use the same technique to secure the strand threads on other parts of your hair. Select the strand threads that are similar to the natural color of your hair to make it look perfect hairstyle.

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