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Ways To Remove Ointment From Hair


Those who have applied any type of ointment on their hair by accidentally and want to remove it without damaging your hair. There are special ways that can help to take the ointment out of your hair. Most of the ointments are greasy and thick that can get stuck on your hair strands very easily. Even if you wash the hair, there are little chances that it can get removed.

The first option would be to wipe the ointment from your hair with a paper towel and try to run it from top to end of your hair strands in sections. You will be able to take out thick amount of ointment from the hair with this process. Then apply cornstarch over your hair from top to end which will help to take some amount of ointment from your hair and you can wash it as usual with a normal shampoo. Let the cornstarch stay over the hair for few minutes and rinse it out using warm water. You can also take peanut butter in a bowl and spread it over the hair. Make sure to apply it over the hair with little amount of pressure and rinse it using a warm water. Then you can dry your hair with towel and style it as usual. Finally you can use fine tooth hair brush to comb your hair completely from top to the bottom and this will get rid of the remaining ointment from your hair.

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