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Steps To Lighten Permanent Hair Color


Have you ever used a permanent hair color for changing the look of your hair and had a difficult to time lighten the color. So in such a case there is no need to panic as you can fade the permanent color from your hair to make it look light. You must make sure to follow this method to fade the color away within 3 days from the day of coloring. If you fail to fade the color away within the time, it can become difficult to make it light as the color on your hair will be set. Try to consult a hairstylist before starting any of the following process for fading the color of your hair.

First you must purchase semi-permanent color remover from a store which is normally used on a semi-permanent colored hair, but this can be the best choice to make the permanent color on your hair fade away. Try to follow the directions mentioned on the semi-permanent color remover kit. Try to wash the hair using volumizing shampoo about two times which will help to open up the hair cuticles and remove the color from deep inside your hair. You can also get your hair treated with hot oil which will remove the permanent color out of it by maintaining the moisture in your natural hair. Instead of using a volumizing shampoo you can also use a clarifying shampoo, but make sure to wash it twice.

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