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Add Texture With Chipping Haircut


Chipping cut is method of haircutting which will add more texture into your hair. You will be removing bulk of hair without making the hair strands look short. After the haircut you can also see there will be lot of movement in your hair. You can get your hair cut in this way without visiting a saloon by following these simple steps. But before using this technique on your natural hair, try it with a wig to get some practice. Never cut excess of hair with the shears and make sure to be careful while using it in your hand.

You must always start the chipping cut with a damp hair and maintain it wet during the entire cutting process. So try to wash the hair before starting your styling process or mist it with water. Next take the shears and keep it near the hair ends and turn it at 45-degree angle. Then try to cut the hair in triangle shapes at the ends which will add more texture into it without making it look blunt. Once you have cut the hair in the same way all over your head make it dry completely. Just assess the hair and if you feel some part of the hair needs touch up, just gently cut it with the shears. In case you want to make your haircut look chunky, try to use the same method of cutting when your hair is fully dry.

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