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Steps To Maintain Your Ponytail Frizz Free


Ponytail frizz can spoil your entire formal look and it is also difficult to maintain it properly. The frizz in your ponytail can occur due to various reasons such as weather conditions and styling products. You can deal with ponytail frizz in different ways without visiting a hairstylist. Try to purchase a hair gel, elastic band and hairspray to begin your styling process. Avoid using hair products that can cause buildup in your hair as it can make the ponytail look heavy.

First take a small amount of hair gel in your hand and apply it through the hair strands from top to end. Now your hair will start to look smooth and shiny. Avoid using the hair gel near the bangs and apply only little bit of gel near your hair line around the ears. Next take a paddle brush and mist it with a little amount of hairspray. Start combing your hair with the paddle brush and collect the back of your head where you want to create the ponytail. Use an elastic hair band to keep the ponytail secured in place over the head. Just style the hair with your hands and mist the entire ponytail with a hairspray to maintain it in the same way during the day. Try to straighten the ponytail at the end using a straightener to prevent the puffy look and avoid using too much of gel as it can spoil your entire look.

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