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Ways To Assess Damaged Hair


Having a damaged hair can be disturbing as you may lose them permanently. The damage to your hair can occur due to various reasons, but you have to first know whether your hair is really damaged or not. Once you have assessed your hair, then it is possible to treat them by visiting a hair specialist. The following are few ways that can help to assess whether your hair is damaged.

First look at the roughness of your hair as the damaged hair will not be soft. The damaged hair will also look dry and brittle which will break easily. If you are unable to manage the hair in the right way with your fingers, there are chances that it can be damaged. Also assess your hair after the coloring process which is very easy to do. Once you have colored the damaged, it will fade away very fast. This is because your hair will be fully dry and fail to maintain the dye over the hair. The damaged hair will lose its capacity to absorb the dye in it. Another way to find the damaged hair is washing the hair and the reaction after it. The wet hair will get tangled easily if it is damaged. When you are combing your hair with a brush and if you find any hair left on the bristles then the hair is really damaged. You have to give immediate attention to your hair if this happens.

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