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Hairstyle With Female Mullets


Female mullets have been the most popular hairstyle during the 1980s most of the people used to wear it on regular basis. This hairstyle was also popular among the celebrities who used to wear it for a unique look. In this hairstyle, the hair will be cut short in front of the head and at the sides as well. Then the hair at the back of your head will be left long to make it look unique.

Most of the women used to style their hair in this way mainly to look rocking and it also looks like a scene haircut. The hair will also be cut in such a way that will look layered in front of your head and the back of the head. Go to a hairstylist to cut your hair in this way and make sure to look for few pictures with female mullets before considering the haircut. In case you are getting this hairstyle done at your home, make sure to following the cutting technique in the right way. Start the cutting the process from front of your head where the hair will be cut short and the sides will also be cut in the same way. Then the hair behind your head will be left long with layers. Whenever you want to cut the hair, try to trim only front and sides of your head without touching the hair at the back which must look long.

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