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Prevent Clamp Marks After Curling Hair


Most of the women like to create curls in their hair which can be achieved with the help of a curling iron. But while using the curling iron, there are chances to get clamp marks over your hair which can be difficult to cover. The clamp marks usually occur over the hair when it is pressed tightly over the strands. The following are few things that can help to prevent the clamp mark on the hair. There are also ways to curl the hair without using a curling iron, but you need to practice hard. Instead of doing this, just use the curling iron and use this technique to get rid of clamp marks. This method is really simple that can be done at home without putting any pressure over your hair.

The process is very simple, first you must plug your curling iron to make it hot. Then divide your hair into one inch section and brush with a normal comb. Next wrap your hair at the bottom around your curling iron at least twice without opening the iron. Try to wrap your hair around curling iron barrel and let it stay for about thirty seconds. Then you can gently remove the hair from your curling iron. Now there will be no clamp marks on your hair. Even if you curl the hair by visiting a saloon, they will also use the same method to prevent the clamp marks over the hair strands.

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