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Styling Your Wig To Look Flat


Hair wigs are the best options to get a hairstyle without touching your natural hair. The wigs are available in different options including synthetic and natural which are able to get curls, flyaways easily. The wigs may lose the flat look due to various reasons so try to maintain it in a wig case while not in use and avoid using heat styling tools on the wig regularly as it can damage them easily. So you can follow this simple styling technique to make your wig look flat.

First you must wash your wig with a normal shampoo that is suitable for the wig type. Now keep the wig over wig form and mist it with a detangler spray when your hair is still damp. Then comb your wig as usual and mainly concentrate on the spray area over the wig. On top of the wig, try to use a flat iron to maintain the flat look and avoid keeping the iron for a long time on your wig as it can cause damage to it. In case you are using the synthetic wig, try to reverse curls in opposite direction with the help of ceramic brush. You can then apply the steam over the curls using the steamer to make it look flat. At last mist the entire hair wig with a small amount of spray to maintain the flat look for a long time and it can also add shine.

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