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Ways To Make Hair Conditioner With Egg White


Hair conditioners are one of the best products to maintain your hair healthy. There are different types of hair conditioners available in the market, but you can also prepare one at home. You can just take the egg white to prepare your own natural hair conditioner that can offer you the same result as a branded hair conditioner.

To start, first take water in a cup for mixing 20 grams rosemary in it and make it boil using a saucepan. Then filter the boiled water from the cup in a small bowl. Now take two eggs and take the white separately from it in a bowl. Try to stir the white in the bowl before using it and mix it with the filtered water. Next wash the hair normally with shampoo and rinse it as usual. Now you can apply the mixture over the hair using your hands and avoid spreading it over the face. Cover the hair with a normal towel and leave it on for half an hour before rinsing the entire hair using warm water. Make sure that the water used for rinsing the hair is not hot as it can cook the egg white used over your hair. Just rinse the hair only once with warm water completely and you can also use cold water for rinsing if required which can make the hair look shiny. Now style the hair as usual without using any heat styling tools.

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