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Damage Caused By Ceramic Straighteners


Ceramic straighteners are considered to be the best tool to make your hair straight without getting it damaged. But when compared to the standard flat irons, the ceramic straighteners are able to cause little amount of damage to the hair due to the quality and its method of hair straightening. The ceramic straighteners become hot very hot due to the plates used in it which can easily spread the heat throughout the hair quickly. The damage to the hair normally occurs at the ends and only to a small part of your hair shaft.

The ceramic straighteners can be used to make your wavy and curly hair straight due to the heat produced by the tool. The hair can get easily damaged when you use the tool for a long time on the same part and even if you use it often on the same hair section. To prevent even the minimal damage to the hair before using the ceramic straighteners, try to apply a small amount of hair conditioner. In case your hair is already damaged, avoid using the tool as it can increase your damage. Also apply a heat-protecting cream all over your hair before using the heat styling tools. The main reason for the damage caused due to the ceramic straighteners is the amount of heat produced by the tool that is more when compared to other flat irons. Make sure to follow the instructions by the manufacturer of ceramic straighteners to prevent hair damage.

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