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Highlighting Your Hair With Oranges


Orange highlights are the best way to color your hair and it can give an amazing look. You can just use orange to highlight your hair which is considered to be the natural way of changing the color of your hair. The orange juice will also help to take the buildup out of your hair and make it look shiny. Anyone with little practice can start this highlighting process at home without any help.

To start your highlighting process, first take 2 oranges and make juice by putting them in a mixer. Take orange juice in a bowl and mix water in it. Then pour the mixture in a spray bottle and shake it well, so both orange juice and water get mixed perfectly. Now create sections in your hair and secure each of them with elastic band. Next mist the hair with the orange juice mixture from the spray bottle over the hair section in front of the head. Then slowly move towards the back section on your head. You can take the clips out once the entire hair sections get misted with the spray. Wear a shower cap to cover your hair and use a hooded dryer with medium heat for at least 1 hour. Then take the shower cap out of the head and rinse it as usual before washing the hair using a shampoo. Now you can apply a hair conditioner to maintain the moisture over your hair.

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