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Janet Jackson With Shape Up Haircut


Janet Jackson has got a shape up haircut that is liked by many people as it can give a completely unique look. The hair will be cut all around the head short and the hair on top of your head can be short or left as per your wish. Visit a saloon to achieve this haircut as you must have some experience in cutting your own hair if you like to get this done at home. Get support from a person if you are trying this style at home as it can be difficult to cut hair back of the head.

Always get your haircut short to create your hairline using a clipper. Before using the clippers on your hair, try to get some practice to prevent a bad look. First keep a mirror in front and sit on a chair. Start cutting your hair all around the head using the clipper and maintain a straight line during the cutting process. Do the same around the ear on both sides and maintain your hairline in same way all across the including the sideburns and hair behind the head. Make sure that you are sitting in front of the mirror during this haircutting process and keep on checking to see whether the share of your hair looks perfect. Now you can trim the hair that comes out of your hairline and apply a moisturizer all over the hair after getting it washed as usual after the haircut.

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