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Classy Hair Bun


Classy hair bun is a simple way of styling your hair without putting any additional effort. You can achieve this hairstyle within few minutes by yourself without any help. This is a perfect hairstyle for a simple and special occasion and try to wear a perfect dress to match your hair bun to make it look amazing. Some of the celebrities wear this classy hair bun regularly and even during a special occasion.

To get the classy hair bun, first you must brush the hair all over and mainly which is behind your head to add more volume into it. Then pull your entire hair to create a simple looking ponytail over the middle and back of the head. Next make two sections with your ponytail and take one of the sections for twisting it till the end. Now you can wrap the twisted hair around the ponytail base and keep it secured as usual with the help of bobby pins. Use the same method of twisting and wrapping the hair with the second section of your hair and keep it secured as well in opposite direction of the first bun. Now you can just look at your hairstyle to see there are any strands that comes out of the bun and secure it with more bobby pins. You can also create a messy look in this hairstyle by leaving few strands in front of your face to get a unique look.

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