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Tucked French Braid


Tucked French braid is a best way of styling the hair for special events like a wedding. With a simple hairstyling technique, you can make your hairstyle really look amazing. In this hairstyle you will tuck your French braid just beneath itself to make it look sleeker. Try to create a simple French braid before using this following method. You just need to use bobby pins to achieve this look without getting any help.

You can create a normal French braid by following the normal styling technique. Once your French braid is secured properly with a rubber band at the end, try to fold it into half and tuck bottom of your hair just beneath center of your French braid. Now you must hold the braid in your hand and try to secure it with the help of bobby pins. Make sure to use the bobby pins in places like beneath your braid and at the sides over your French braid. The bobby pins must grab ends of your French braid. The bobby pins used for securing the braid must be placed inside your hair and continue the pinning process till the entire French braid is secured perfectly in place. Now your French braid is perfectly tucked beneath itself and finally mist the entire hairstyle with a spray to maintain it properly through the day. You can add hair accessories to make the tucked French braid look perfect for a special occasion.

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