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Steps To Prepare Detangling Hairspray At Home


Detangling hairspray is the perfect option to prevent tangles in your hair without getting them damaged. Most of the people will try to brush their hair to remove the tangles which can be painful as well as damage the hair seriously. But the detangling hairspray you can easily prevent this from happening. There are different types of detangling hairspray products available in the store, but you can also create a natural spray by following these steps.

First take 2 cups of water and add marshmallow root. Try to boil the water and leave it to for half an hour to cool down. The marshmallow root included in the water will give it a natural texture when you boil it. Next filter the marshmallow root from the water and add 1 tbsp argan oil along with 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar into the water. The argan oil will condition your hair and even and moisturize it by removing the product build-up out of your hair to make your hair cuticle smooth by adding more shine. Try to stir the mixture well and take it in spray bottle. If you need try to add 2 drops essential oil as an option. Shake the spray bottle perfectly to mix the ingredients in it and use it for misting the entire hair. You can use the mixture from spray bottle over a damp or dry hair and then comb it through a normal hair brush to remove tangles.

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