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Tia Mowry With Bone Straight Looking Hair


Tia Mowry is wearing bone straight looking hairstyle that can be achieved with the help of a pressing comb by sitting at home. Make sure to select the best pressing comb to achieve this look as it is available in two different variations including cordless combs and electric combs. Most of the times these products are used by a professional hairstylist, but with little practice you can use it at home. You must know the way to adjust the combs temperature to prevent any damage to the hair.

To get Tia Mowry hairstyle, first use your pressing comb with temperature indicator which will be a perfect option for the beginners. Try to use the comb with 300-degrees F setting. Next separate your hair into different parts which must be about one inch in thickness and try to clean your pressing comb properly before using it over your hair. Reduce the temperature by about 25 degrees and leave it for five minutes. Now keep the pressing comb over the hair part from top near the scalp and gently move towards the hair ends. During this process you can hold the hair ends with your hair and slide the comb from top to bottom. Next you can use the pressing comb with temperature of 10-15 degrees over the hair part that was straightened before. Just follow this simple method of hair straightening with the pressing comb on the remaining hair parts that divided earlier.

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