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Hairstyle With Bald Fade Cut


Bald fade cut will give a unique look as your hair will be trimmed fully short. You can achieve this haircut at home without going to a saloon, but you must consult a hairstylist before trying it for the first time. This haircut is mainly achieved by men and those who want to look completely unique can try this haircut. Purchase a good electric clipper for getting the bald fade cut at home.

To begin the haircutting, try to comb your entire hair out of the crown on the head and take your electric clipper with the highest setting. Try to create a simple line in your imagination over the head and use it as a guard line for your haircut. Place your electric clipper over the head from front and move it towards the back. You can also cut the hair from your sideburn and move around the head just leaving hair over your head as well as the sides to get the bald look. Now place the electric clipper at a point over the head with highest setting and start moving it towards your guard line. Continue this process of haircutting all around the head near the ear and near your neck area behind the head. Finally look all over your head to check whether the haircut look uniform and if you find any hair left out, try to cut it in the same way as the other area over your head.

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