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Jessica Rabbit Unique Hairstyle


Jessica Rabbit was seen as a cartoon character during a 1988 film that featured red dress and unique looking hairstyle. It is one such hairstyle that is considered to be unique and many celebrities prefer this type of hairstyle. There are also other versions of the same hairstyle that is liked by many people and it is worn regularly. The Jessica Rabbit hair used to be long and it is normally divide as side parting. There will be more volume in her hairstyle and mainly behind the head with tousled flowing waves.

The hairstyle will also look bright and in red color which will give a very unique look. You can bleach the hair at home to make it look blond and then apply a red color to get the hairstyle right. You must also cut the hair into a blunt haircut to make your hairstyle look short from front and gently grow in length behind your head. Go to a hairstylist to get this hairstyle in a perfect shape which can help to prevent damage to your natural hair. You can also wear a wig that looks exactly like Jessica Rabbit hairstyle and place it over the head which is the best way to achieve this style. Make sure you have a long hair to style it in this way and use simple styling tools to get it done. Use her photo as reference during the hairstyling process to make your work simple.

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